Such a good read. Thank you so much for putting this together!

As I continue to go down the rabbit hole that is Music NFTs, this article provides a clear viewpoint of the overarching web3 music infrastructure. Massively helpful and incredibly insightful. Banger article Dan!

Some key takeaways for me are the rights and licensing issues and building successful business models in an industry that is catering to increased rev for artists. Big challenges to be faced head on, but massive rewards to those that figure it out. Thanks again

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Very interesting Dan. Regarding the "rights and licensing" part, we have been exploring the use of Semantic NFTs, NFTs whose metadata is based on semantic web standards like JSON-LD. This way, it is possible to use existing vocabularies like the Copyright Ontology to model licensing terms. More details: https://copyrightly.rhizomik.net

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Yes absolutely, we talked about this a lot with JAAK I remember :) This is for sure going to become very relevant, when everyone is ready for it!

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