Hi, I’m Dan.

This here is my little bit of the internet where I post blogs that aim to explain what the hell is going on at the intersection of Music and Crypto.

I’ve been thinking about this since 2015. I started a strategy gig at PRS for Music, and Ethereum was launching to great fanfare about how it was going to flatten every supply chain in the world; Music very much included.

Over the years I’ve been building on both sides of the aisle, industry, startup, industry, and then went freelance in 2021 to start this blog and do what I can to accelerate development.

I see Crypto and Blockchains as technologies that will cause a generational change in Music. But am also realistic about how long that will take and what it means for true disruption to rip through a decades-old ecosystem.

I hope that you find this blog interesting, and if anything that I write inspires or angers you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Analysing experimentation in Music and Crypto